When Fear is Good

When Fear is Good

September 06, 2019


 We do things that we don't want to do all the time. Why? Sometimes it is just to keep the peace and not create any drama and other times we feel we have no option but to agree to something. These could be small things like going out instead of staying in or it could relate to something bigger such as agreeing to something that we know we do not want to do. The problem arises when you say no and somebody tries to change that no into a yes. It is vitally important that we follow our intuition in that moment. 

The below clip is from an interview between Gavin de Becker and Oprah, it is over ten years old now but it still remains so true and relates to something that most of us still do. His book, The Gift of Fear, is well worth reading as it gives examples, such as the one he gave in the clip, and also discusses how to follow your intuition. 

"Listening to fear saved her life. That was fear that she felt." - Gavin de Becker


So what do we take from this?

"We all want to be nice. "

That statement is so true and the issue with that is the need we have to be nice to someone makes us push our own feelings to one side. By saying no, you have already been polite-you have given that person an answer. If they aren't happy with the answer and continue to try to make you change your mind, you have to establish why they are doing that. By repeating the word No doesn't make you rude. The person trying to make you change that no into a yes is the person that is out of line. Not you. We need to continue to be nice but being nice does not mean we have to lie down and let somebody take advantage of us and control us. 





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