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Chilling Crimes is an entertainment website. It is not an investigative website. 

True Crime Stories

We feature true crime stories about missing people/children, murders-both solved and unsolved, cold cases and other true crime stories from around the world. All of the stories are true.

We started this section of Chilling Crimes as it is vital that all of these stories have as much media presence as possible. Some cases, by their very nature, get a lot more media coverage than others but behind every true crime story, there is a real life person. The victims are mothers, fathers, grandparents, daughters, sons, brothers, sisters, aunts, uncles. The crimes never only involve that one person who has been taken or murdered, the crimes have a deep and lasting impact on so many others and leave a trail of devastation in the lives of the families of the loved ones, their friends, their colleagues and their communities. There are people impacted even beyond that circle like the police, detectives, courts, Jurors, first responders and so many more. There are also sometimes stories that lead to other victims in their own right, such as those wrongly convicted or innocent parties who have been implicated in some way and still have a cloud of suspicion over them. The actions of one predator causes a lifetime of misery and deep sadness for so many . It changes the course of the lives of so many people. That is why it is vital that the victim and their story is not forgotten. We should know who they were, what they were like  and their presence in this world. They are the stories that must be remembered.

It should not need to be said but victims are never to blame. But there are life lessons we can take as readers and learn from them from every true crime story. It may be something subtle like the victim was murdered while she was jogging alone. That makes us think of our own lives. Okay, I jog alone. What should I do? There are always little tips and stories we can share with each other as readers and learn from experts-safety tips and some self defense moves. There are other life lessons such as domestic violence cases. By reading about a victim and by reading their story, we can identify with some of the events. We may feel that things that happen to us, even though they deeply impact us, are small and trivial but we can learn through the stories of others that these things are not small. They continue and eventually escalate. 

We can all work together, empower each other and learn new ways to try to make it harder for a predator to target us. We cannot eliminate risk but knowledge is power. 



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