Safety Tips for Solo Runners and Walkers

Safety Tips for Solo Runners and Walkers

March 26, 2020

Safety Tips

1. Tell somebody where you are going-the route you are taking and what time you should be back at.

2. Run or walk in an area that is not remote, somewhere that is well lit and where there are other people.

3. Change your route. Don't always use the exact same route. If there is someone watching you, it will give them power if they know your every movement.

4. Stay alert. Don't completely switch off when walking or running, observe what is going on around you and who is around you.

5. Bring your phone with you. 

6. Headphones are a distraction. They make you switch off from everything that is going on around you. If you need to wear them, make sure the volume is very low. 

7. Carry something that you can use to protect yourself. Different states and countries have different laws. If permitted to, carry pepper spray. If you cannot carry pepper spray, carry an alarm or something that makes noise.

8. Listen to your intuition. If something doesn't feel right, then take note of it and go a different way. 

9. Don't tie a top around your waist or shoulders. This allows somebody to grab on to it to slow you down and stop you. Predators can also grab ponytails so try to pin your hair more closely to your head.

10. Don't feel the need to be polite. As women, we are often afraid of looking "cold" or coming across as rude. If you're running somewhere and a man tries to stop you, just keep going. Don't lose focus and stay alert at all time.

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