Danielle Stislicki

Danielle Stislicki

by Chilling Crimes May 27, 2021

“That was really hard, because you teach them there are not monsters. There is nothing in their closet. There is nothing under their bed. But there are monsters. There are people who are out there who very easily could take a lot away from you.”

Jessica Perry, Danielle’s cousin, on having to teach her children difficult lessons

Floyd's Defense lawyer, Sharon Woodside, asked the Medical Examiner how he could determine the cause of death when a body has never been found:

“Your opinion is based on information from police reports." 

The Medical Examiner testified that he ruled Danielle's death a homicide based on evidence that shows Danielle was violently assaulted.

Ann Stislicki also testified. She told the Court that Danielle knew Floyd through work but wasn't interested in him. She said that he visited Danielle at the cafeteria at their work often:

"I thought it was strange for him to be up there and we questioned why we he was there, because I've never seen any other security guard up in the cafeteria during anyone's break." 

Ann testified that a few months before her daughter disappeared, Danielle received flowers and a handwritten note at work:

"Danielle had received flowers from an anonymous person while she was at work, and she was quite disturbed with it. As much as it was exciting to have a secret admirer, she was concerned and a little creeped out." 

The note was signed "From: secret admirer. Hope this made you smile today!" 

The Court heard testimony from a handwriting expert and they determined that the note had been written by Floyd. 

Some of the other evidence police found was presented. An Investigator testified that DNA of both Danielle and Floyd was found on a carpet swath. The Court heard that cell phone records placed Floyd near MetLife and Danielle's apartment the night of the 2nd of December. Cell phone records placed Danielle's phone at the cell tower beside Floyd’s house in Berkley. There was also evidence presented that a search was carried out on Floyd's computer for "how to pass a polygraph." 

Evidence that the Prosecution presented to the Court included a receipt and video surveillance from two days after Danielle's disappearance. They say that it showed Floyd in a Bed Bath & Beyond in Beverly Hills purchasing a white comforter. Detective Molloy said:

"Just the relevance of the case. She goes missing. You have a new comforter on the bed. He doesn't make a lot of money. That's a pretty, that's a lot of money purchase."

The Court also heard about a patch of carpet that was replaced in Floyd's master bedroom. There were carpet remnants in the trash.They argued that those details, namely the carpet being replaced and a new comforter purchased, just days after Danielle went missing are relevant to the circumstances of her disappearance and the charges Floyd faces. 

Floyd's Defense argued that the evidence is merely circumstantial. They told the Court that the fact that he was at a Tim Horton's near Danielle's apartment was a coincidence only. 

The jogger that Floyd assaulted addressed the Court. She wished to remain anonymous but wanted to speak at the preliminary examination in relation to Danielle's case and she told the Court:

Chilling Crimes
Chilling Crimes


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