Margaret Ellen Fox

Margaret Ellen Fox

by Chilling Crimes September 22, 2021

On the 24th of June 1974, fourteen year old Margaret Ellen Fox left her home and traveled by bus to meet a man who referred to himself as John Marshall. Margaret had advertised in a newspaper. She was looking for a babysitting job. The man contacted her and said he needed a babysitter for his young son.  Margaret agreed to meet him for an interview. She never made it home. 

Margaret was planning to go by bus to Mill and Main Streets in Mount Holly, New Jersey. She was last seen at 8.40am getting on the bus in Burlington, New Jersey. She was wearing jeans with a yellow patch on the knee, a blue blouse, a white and black checkered jacket, and brown sandals with a heel strap.  She was wearing a gold necklace with flowers and a blue stone, and a gold charm bracelet with a blue stone and was carrying an eyeglass case with a Huckleberry Hound design on it.

Police traced the man's phone number to a pay phone in a local supermarket in Lumberton.  

After Margaret's family reported her missing, police recorded calls that were made to their home. One was from a person who asked for a $10,000 ransom. Police do not know if it is the same person who arranged to meet Margaret. The man on the call said:

″$10,000 might be a lot of bread, but your daughter's life is the buttered topping." 

You can listen to the recording here. 

The person who arranged to meet Margaret that day has never been identified. Margaret is still missing. 

Anyone with information should call the FBI’s Newark office at (973) 792-3000.

Margaret Ellen Fox

Chilling Crimes
Chilling Crimes


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