Inert Training Defense Spray

Defense Spray

Product Features

  • Water based training spray
  • Uses nitrogen as the propellent
  • Practice using it before you need it
  • Easy to use and easy to learn
  • Become an expert with your defense spray
  • Available in 1/2 oz stream, 2 oz stream and 2 oz fogger
Warranty: 3 Year
Return Policy: 90 Day Money Back Guarantee

Protect Yourself

Who created the Kubotan?

The Kubotan was developed by Sōke Takayuki Kubota in the late 1960s.It was first created to train the police in Japan.

What is it?

A Kubotan is a self-defense keychain weapon. It is a non-lethal self-defence tool. The great thing about the Kubotan is that it looks harmless but has a great impact. Attach it to your keys and bring it with you when walking, jogging, shopping-anywhere you're going, especially if alone. It may just save your life. 


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