Guard Dog

With a light range over 700 feet and 5 light settings, Guard Dog Security presents the most convenient and versatile headlamp in the industry. Obtain optimal visibility in any situation with light functions ranging from an astounding 600 lumens to a battery-saving 30-lumen setting. The ultimate in hands-free illumination, the Headway shines an ultra bright light so powerful it can be seen further than two football fields back-to-back! With a multitude of empowering light functions, there's a brightness level to suit every task. The innovative swivel head function allows for multiple angles and direction ability ideal for any application to achieve the perfect lighting. Outfitted for long-lasting usage, the Headway offers consistent use with a fully rechargeable battery with run times up to 100 hours on low and 5 hours on high! Get the job done in any inclement conditions with resilience against impact and waterproof up to 7 feet submersion. With the battery compartment situated at the back of the headlamp, optimal balance is achieved for comfortable wear whether worn directly on the head or over a hat. Built for high performance, utility use, yet practical for a daily on-the-job light, the Tactforce Headlamp is the best headlamp you will ever need.

Technical Details

An astounding 5 light functions

Swivel head

Waterproof up to 7ft

Drop resistant

Weather resistant

Easy Battery access

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