Guard Dog

Compact, effectual and fierce, the Tactforce 1000 flashlight is designed for peak performance and added security in dangerous environments. The ultimate evolution of multi-tasking, it adapts to all environments with a durable, stainless steel precision engineered body and impressive 1000 lumen brightness output. In the event of an emergency, the Tactforce doubles up as an emergency glass breaker or self-defense tool. The Tactforce provides reliable lighting with glow-in-the-dark tail cap for ease of use in nighttime settings. The advanced focus/zoom system is developed to offer the option of a wide light range or focused beam for use in all situations. The pinnacle of preparedness and illumination all in an affordable device, the Tactforce 1000 tactical flashlight.

Technical Details

Aluminum Alloy body

5 light Functions

O-Ring Waterproof

Glass Breaker

Zoom Light Capable


1000 lumens

Weather Resistant

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