Guard Dog Security FlareLite Flashlight

Guard Dog

Boasting dual functionality, the Guard Dog Security FlareLite is a powerful tool that instantly converts from a flashlight into a lantern with a swift turn of the top bezel. The FlareLite tactical flashlight casts a powerful beam, visible over 400 feet, creating extreme and enhanced visibility. The unique design of the FlareLite provides instant light with three brightness levels to strike a balance between high and low output. Stun attackers and intruders or summon help during emergencies with the flashlight's intense strobe. Delivering adjustable light with a brightness of up to 450 lumens, the Guard Dog Security FlareLite effectively acts as a lantern for outdoor recreation, road hazards or just to illuminate an entire room. Go hands-free via the tail cap's magnetic force and included loop which attaches virtually anywhere for overhead illumination. With a 13-hour runtime, fully rechargeable battery and weather resistant durability, this incredible compact flashlight goes everywhere you want with the durability you need. Tuck the FlareLite inside your pocket, under your car seat or in any drawer of your home for instant, long-lasting use. Be prepared and be enlightened by the Guard Dog FlareLite. 

Technical Details

Lantern mode-Instantly change the flashlight into a lantern with a swift built-in twist top

Magnetic tail cap-Go hands free with this unique compact flashlight, with a magnetic tail cap allowing you to attach it virtually anywhere

Tail cap loop for handing

400ft beam distance-With it's extremely bright light, it has a beam that can be seen as far as 400 feet, nearly double the length of a boeing 747 wingspan!

3 light functions-High: 450
Low: 100
Emergency strobe: 450

Rechargeable battery-Use consistantly with a fully rechargeable battery with a run time up to 13 hours!

Drop resistant and shockproof

All weather resistant body build-IPX4 rating

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